Corrosion and
Wear Protection

Corrosion and Wear Protection System is designed to protect the variety of substrates that can be damaged by chemicals, operating temperature, erosion and environment. Our services can help to minimize corrosion and abrasion damage, to reduce maintenance cost, to increase the service life of system and provide durable and long-term protection. We focus on one stop service which provide you the root cause analysis, system design along with procurement of appropriate equipment according to needs and conditions of use. Including work planning, installation and quality control inspection with work summary documents, warranty and lifelong after-sales service. Under the work of an expert team with modern engineering innovation and a long working experience.

High Performance Chemical Resistant of Coating/ Painting

WCS’s polymer technology effectively prevents corrosion and wear from explosion to chemicals, temperatures, and other factors, thus increasing the durability and usage period for concrete and metal substrates. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation.

FRP Lining

This system is the one of corrosion and wear protection system that can effectively reduce and prevent corrosion damages. While strengthening the surface with fiberglass, which make the surface is able to withstand more weight, impact and friction better and also easy to clean. This product is recommended and suitable for mining, electricity plants, refineries, petrochemical plants etc.

Flake Lining

This innovation is the perfect combination between the benefits of resin and flakes. Once incorporated, the properties of the end results can help to extend the usage life of the system by protecting it from corrosion. It is suitable for concrete and metal substrates, especially in the Flue Gas Desulfurization (FGD) system of coal power plants due to its property of high thermal resistance e.g. heater pipe linings, funnels, heat resistant pipes, water reservoir tanks, water tanks, oil coated tanks for heat ventilation funnels in cooling towers.

Rubber Lining

As rubber’s prominent feature is its highly flexible property, this product was designed to support shock and friction. It is suitable for environments that require special protection or surroundings with aggressive chemical usages and high temperatures such as fertilizer factories, electricity plants, and more. It can be applied to the inner lining of conduits, slurry tanks and other tanks which must withstand friction and temperature on the inner surface, mixing tanks with sedimentation, chemicals, and high temperatures.

Brick & Tile Lining

Not only is this special material able to withstand highly concentrated chemicals, it is also durable towards temperatures as high as 200 degrees Celsius or more. It is therefore advisable to be installed in factories with high concentrations of Sulfuric and Phosphoric acids in the atmosphere as in mine chemical cleaning/ chemical separation processes or other tasks that require concentrated chemicals.

Metal & Ceramic Coating

As our epoxy formula contains ceramic, it is useful for repairing corroded areas and returning the surface into the original condition with even more strength as the new coat is resistant to corrosion and chemicals. It is also suitable for repairing metal surfaces that have eroded, or have become uneven from chemical corrosion. It can also prevent rust, friction, and return the condition back to normal instead of welding prior to coating.

Refractory Lining

This special coating material has both fire resistance and chemical resistance with high acidity properties. Which is the latest technology, including lightweight and has low thermal conductivity properties that are suitable for the petrochemical industry, cement industry, and metal industry because of its ability to lessen the amount of energy required to insulate heat. This helps conserve fuel, energy, and production costs.

Borosilicate lining

Borosilicate lining is heat resistance and lightweight. It can be installed upon numerous surfaces ranging from metal, ceramic, concrete, alloy steel, and fiberglass coats. It is also unique because the lining can be applied onto both old and new surfaces, from small to large funnels.


Tank, Vessel, Quencher, Absorber, Duct, Piping, Secondary Containment, Basin, Stack/Chimney, Pump, Heat Exchanger.