WCS seeks and pairs the best solution to your business and special demands. Our team of experts are more than welcome to propose professional advice to find the perfect plan and estimate the budget for customers. We will help design the process and procure the equipment needed to complete the project as well.


At WCS, customers are always welcome. With the Company’s experience, our engineer teams are able to provide customers with professional recommendations and care to resolve problems. We can plan, assess, and primarily estimate the budget for you, as well

Site Survey

To gain in-depth insight of our customer’s demands and challenges, WCS conducts on-site surveys and inspect the actual working environment for an accurate and detailed planning process.

Design & Planning

Before initiating the project, we analyze the project’s objectives, challenges, along to other requirements. This way, we are able to custom design our work processes to perfectly fit the demands of our customers as well as engineering principles. The key factors that we consider are safety, quality, efficient workflow, and the given budget for the best outcome.


With tight-knit business relations with partners all over the world, WCS is able to select and supply quality materials and international standard products from the world’s leading manufacturers for our customers at a reasonable price. These goods will be shipped and installed as planned. Customers can also have a peace of mind as we are able to resolve problems in a sustainable manner.


Customers can fully rely on our high safety standards as all installation processes are closely supervised by experienced engineers.


Not only are the products procured from the best suppliers, but we also have expert engineer team and trained technicians to make sure that the installation process is seamless and successful to our high standards.

Quality Control

WCS’s staff has the experience and training according to international standards, e.g. NACE or SSPC. All steps are inspected and closely monitored for perfection. We also have a system which includes quality checking and daily reporting the progress throughout all the steps for a systematic and trackable record.

Health and Safety
Management System

As safety is the highest concern while working, we have established a caring system which focuses on ensuring that all work procedures are safe for everyone—a principle that has eventually rooted itself to become a part of our organization culture which everyone follows. We strongly believe that this is one of the reasons why our Company has prospered into an organization with great personal safety standards that meet the international standards.


WCS’s post-sales services are available to ensure that our customers are satisfied and receive excellent care. Prior to the completion of the installation, we offer a warranty period and maintenance services for a certain period of time.


WCS would like to offer customers the best services to show our gratitude. We assign trained experts to check and provide maintenance and other engineering requirements for completed projects throughout the entire contract duration, under the terms and conditions.

After sales service

In order to take great care of our customers, WCS maintains contact with customers after project completion to follow up on their satisfaction level from time to time.


Our Company has professional teams who are ready to provide quick repair, troubleshooting, and maintenance services for our customers.