Flooring System

For industrial factories, we have special technology and high quality products to suit the operations such as Epoxy and Polyurethane (PU) flooring systems. With these systems, users can conveniently maintain and protect the surfaces. It also has antistatic properties. Installation is carried out by WCS’s skilled professionals who are expert and have long experience in flooring system.

Epoxy Coating

Epoxy resin is applied or coated onto surfaces by using rollers, paintbrushes, and sprayers. The resin seamlessly coats and protects the surface from dust and other residues, making it easy to clean and maintain. Moreover, as Epoxy coating is available in a wide range of colors, it is suitable for industrial factories and warehouses where different zones are color-coded.


Epoxy Self-Leveling Floor

The Epoxy Self-Leveling Floor system offers a sleek and professional looking finish that is durable, shock resistant, abrasion resistant, and friction resistant. Moreover, it is safe and has a wide selection of colors to match our customers’ wishes. The smooth, seamless coating system can be 2-4 mm. thick, or custom designed according to your requirements. Its glossy finish makes it is suitable for industrial plant floors, showrooms, parking lots, laboratories, clean rooms, and many more.

Epoxy Anti static & Conductive System

This Epoxy flooring system was designed to prevent static electricity generated by mechanical friction from occurring on concrete surfaces designated for product manufacturing. The Epoxy flooring system allows electrostatic discharges to flow between the floor and the product, preventing defects or damages due to short-circuiting from occurring.

Polyurethane Floor

Polyurethane floors are cleverly developed and consist of polyurethane water base resin, polyurethane water base hardener, and cement – pigment fillers, all of which are combined into a floor that is resistant to instant thermal shocks ranging between -45 to 120 degrees Celsius. Another advantage is, it can prohibit the growth of bacteria and fungi, making it a perfect choice for food factories flooring system, cooling rooms, and laboratories etc.

Moisture Barrier

Our moisture barrier prevents floors and surfaces from swelling. The formula of this epoxy contains no solutions. It is recommended for surfaces with a moisture level of 4% or greater. It can be installed onto flat, shiny surface, smooth surface, non-slip surface, and rippled surface.