Waterproofing System

This waterproofing system can cover a range of areas, from underground establishments to decks and roofs, indoors and outdoors. We carefully pick a selection of high quality materials to meet the purposes and conditions of structures. Some of the choices include; bitumen sheet membranes, special cement types, acrylic surface coating materials, polyurethane, polyurea, and others.

Cement waterproofing systems

This system contains a mixture of cement. We offer 2 choices; one with general flexibility and the other with high flexibility. It is non-poisonous, and therefore is suitable for water reservoirs, water closets, and swimming pools. Also, the cement crystalizes and can be used with floors and linings for underground structures, outdoor structures, and sewage systems.

Applied or sprayed polyurethane, acrylic coating, polyurea waterproofing systems

This type of waterproofing system comes in a liquid form that can be applied or sprayed onto the target. It is special because it has no seams or connection lines, is highly flexible, resistant towards UV rays, and comes in a range of colors for customers to select. It is recommended for roofs, water troughs, to areas with many docks to place equipment. Customers may choose either acrylic polymer, polyurethane and polyurea waterproofing systems, depending on their projects.

Bituminous sheet waterproofing systems

These sheets are installed by using heated air. The thickness of the sheets can range from 3-5 mm. while the thickness of the adhesive may range from 0.8 – 2 mm. It is suitable for the floors, foundations, walls of underground structures, outdoor structures, roofs and balconies.


The sheet consists of a mixture of EPDM polymer and black carbon but with no plastics. Therefore, it is able to withstand harsh weather conditions and UV rays well, extending the usage. We also add fire retardant properties to prevent the spreading of fire for improved safety. The maximum width is 15 m. and 16 m. in length, contributing to less connection points and installation time. It is flexible at temperatures as low as – 45 degrees Celsius and can stretch up to 300% to support movement of buildings and temperature fluctuation. It is also friendly to the environment.


TPO waterproof sheets are lightweight and flexible. Made from synthetic thermoplastic polyolefin and connected by polyester fibers, it is able to withstand temperature fluctuations, harsh weather conditions, and UV rays. It is also very flexible and can be used to perfectly prevent seepages and leakages. Due to its maximum width of 2.10 m. and length of 25 m., it is easy to install and can be connected using heated air to fit even the most sophisticated architectural structures. The product also has fire retardant properties and is friendly to the environment.


Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) is a material that was specially designed to be a solid thermoplastic which will not become deformed during its usage. It is 100% waterproof, and can withstand all weather conditions from heat, rain, and moisture. The surface is smooth, seamless, lightweight, yet pliable and flexible, making less residue adhere to the surface. The light-toned color is also beneficial as it reflects the sunlight and therefore lessens the heat that is collected on rooftop structures. Thus, it is suitable for installing on roofs and decks. It can be installed along with heat insulations and has low vapor diffusion resistances so air and moisture may evaporate through the sheets.